Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I'm not in a mood for knit-based rambling, but I haven't updated in an age, so here! Have some pictures, with assorted commentary, maybe! I haven't decided yet.

IBFF handspun

Sport-ish weight singles spun from the superwash merino that Grace sent me. I hereby dub that yarn, "IBFF."1

The back of the vest I've been working on:

Edinburgh Vest

I've ripped it out more times than I'd care to think about, it's got a ton of things I'd change if I cared to rip it out again (no), but it's trucking along decently.

OMG Cable Close up!!1!


And even though I really should be spending money on unnecessary things, I bought some sock yarn while I was in Wisconsin last week (did I tell you I was in Wisconsin? I was in Wisconsin. Family reunion.) to make socks for my mom.

Smooshy sock yarn

Now I just need to pick a pattern. Bayerische sock? But would it be comfy enough? I want comfy AND sophisticated. I really like the Rivendell sock, but am not feeling the whole "paying for a pattern" thing right now. So I dunno. Thoughts?

Also, I spent many, many hours both in a car and on a plane with my remaining Schaefer Anne, and it would NOT stop pooling. It's in time out. Possibly for a long, long time.

That's most of my news. How's with all y'all?

Apparently I ramble even when not in the mood. Intriguing!

1 Internet BFF

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Damn it.

Dear cables:
You are dead to me now.

Up yrs.

Ughhhh. I'm trying to design this cabled, hooded, zip-up vest, and I swatched, like did a proper swatch and everything, and I decided, because I am STUPID, to design my own front cable, because I am STUPID.

And I swatched the damn cable but, because I am STUPID I didn't write down what I did, and now it's looking like I'll have to frog about 3 inches (of 4 and a quarter total).

I hate cables.

(P.S. My nephew is hella cute: