Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh my god I didn't...

...Oh my god I totally did.

I attached the sleeves backwards. The increases are on the outside.

I am speechless. I'd gotten so far as to even bind off the neck but finally had to concede that a sweater that presses on my larynx might not be so desirable. I ripped back past all of the raglan shaping to reknit a deeper arm hole.

And managed to not pay attention and knit about half an inch more than I meant to, but WHATEVER, I will keep going!

Which is when I noticed that the sleeves were backwards. Nice. The sweater's going away for a while.

And while I'm on the topic, these socks have driven me crazy to the point where they're getting the frog.

The idea's okay, but they're too tight (except the picot edging which is too loose), and I was super bored with the first sock halfway through. That's a bad sign or second sock syndrome. I think the yarn will be reincarnated into some Sidewinders.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mutual Corruption

You remember the scarf of bad timing? Well. We --one of my nearest-and-dearest and I -- had decided to give each other some space. There was drama and things weren't going well (even with the underlying love), we were taking a break.

You know how that goes.

The weekend before the decision was made I bought yarn to make him a scarf. I'd be all sneaky and send it as a surprise (which is easy when we live well over 700 miles away). Eight days later I finished it, and then upset, crying, and the break.

It was sent because when all is said and done he's still my friend and I still love him. When he received it he immediately wrote to me.

He gets knitting. He honestly understands what a hand-knit gift means, and we decided to talk more, to work things through together rather than give each other space.

We're still struggling, but damned if the scarf didn't help with the repairs.


I wrote that a while ago. Since then I've dragged him into a yarn store (the same one twice -- heh!), and he has been raving about the smell of his scarf (he sniffs yarn! Come on!). The yarn, she is capturing him. Are you ready?

He went into a yarn store. Without me. Because he saw a sign for it when he was driving.

Wait wait -- it gets better. He bought me a present.

He bought me yarn. He bought me cashmere yarn.

Good. Lord. I immediately stuffed it into my bra. It's a kit and comes with a pattern and (oh, the weakening of my knees!) three skeins. *sigh!*

But the name of this post is Mutual Corruption, so there's more.

Having some time to kill yesterday Blogless Kate and I went to Knit One, Smock Too. I was being all good, just looking at pattern books since I should probably think about finishing some more projects before I buy more yarn. But then we went to look at yarn, because I am only human, and a weak one at that when fiber is involved.

The store itself isn't terribly exciting (lots of nylon ribbon yarns), but they have some decent Rowan/Noro/Debbie Bliss. Right. We wandered. I laid my hand upon some yarn, and... and... I couldn't let go. I clutched. I squoze. I'm pretty sure there was a choir of angels.

I checked the content. Cashmere and silk. OH.

Yes, it was costly. Yes, it came home with me. Because, you see, now that I have cashmere in my stash I'm free to get more plush yarns. I've realized that the gift of cashmere was a gateway fiber.

Hee! Paying bills is for suckers anyway. Ahem.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Interested in the knitter gathering? Go here!

Still knitting the sweater. Should be done soon.

I got an invite to ravelry, and oh! Delicious! Goodbye, many hours of my life!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Knit-tacular 2007?

Hey y'all. So I'm... missing SAFF this year, because I really need to quit my job and get out of Greensboro for a while. This makes me ALL kinds of sad what with the not getting to hang out. And then I was thinking on dance weekends and how they rock, and my brain was all, "it'd be awesome if there was a knitting weekend so I could hang out with people even though I'm missing SAFF...


So here's my thinking (big ups to Grace for helping me suss this out). We congregate somewhere, say Asheville?, in an agreed-upon hotel-kinda-thing. To minimize work for me everyone could arrange their own roommates and rooms (we could put an attendee list together), then arrive Friday, hang out. Hit yarn stores Saturday, hang out some more, hit a bar. Sunday, hang out, head out.

Since SAFF is/was in Asheville I know it's fairly accessable for all y'all I met last year. Also it has decent yarn stores, so I hear.

I even made up a handy-dandy quiz style thing! If you're interested in having a gathering, go here!: and enter quiz number 104557 (it lists "correct" answers, but just ignore those -- it required them).

Also, leave a comment if you're interested! Thanks.

Ack! When I said the weekend of the 6th in the quiz I actually meant the weekend of the 14th! Just so you know!

And look! Most of a sweater!