Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Knit-tacular 2007?

Hey y'all. So I'm... missing SAFF this year, because I really need to quit my job and get out of Greensboro for a while. This makes me ALL kinds of sad what with the not getting to hang out. And then I was thinking on dance weekends and how they rock, and my brain was all, "it'd be awesome if there was a knitting weekend so I could hang out with people even though I'm missing SAFF...


So here's my thinking (big ups to Grace for helping me suss this out). We congregate somewhere, say Asheville?, in an agreed-upon hotel-kinda-thing. To minimize work for me everyone could arrange their own roommates and rooms (we could put an attendee list together), then arrive Friday, hang out. Hit yarn stores Saturday, hang out some more, hit a bar. Sunday, hang out, head out.

Since SAFF is/was in Asheville I know it's fairly accessable for all y'all I met last year. Also it has decent yarn stores, so I hear.

I even made up a handy-dandy quiz style thing! If you're interested in having a gathering, go here!: and enter quiz number 104557 (it lists "correct" answers, but just ignore those -- it required them).

Also, leave a comment if you're interested! Thanks.

Ack! When I said the weekend of the 6th in the quiz I actually meant the weekend of the 14th! Just so you know!

And look! Most of a sweater!


Heather said...

Apparently cannot take your quiz because you haven't validated your email address?

I would be interested, but depends on timing. Things are getting very busy between now and when I think you are probably leaving...

grace said...

Well, you know I'm in.

Stick said...

Luuuuuv the idea, but July isn't great for me. I took the quiz anyway. August would be IDEAL. Keep me in the loop though!

Fresh Ground Knits said...

ha ha I am rockin' the high score!

Scattered Gemini said...

I was thinking about your outing and ya know...there's a knitter friend who works at a Cracker Barrel in the Asheville area. I think you should all go bug her!

She blogs at:

Heehee, shhhh!

Scarlett said...

Hiya back to you.

Sounds cool, I would love to meet other knisters and compare war stories. I work part time on the weekends (dinner rush), but I up for meeting you guys that weekend or any other weekend.

What yarn stores you thinking of visiting, I can help you there.

Keep me in the loop.

Anonymous said...

Uhm, hi, I know it's been a very long time and all, but I was just wondering if you still remembered what shade this kathmandu is? ^^' I really like it and I'd love to order some off the web, but you know how those hues can get messed up on a monitor... Ty for your time either way!

Emily said...

Hey Slaughtermatic, I couldn't figure out a way to write you back directly because blogger sucks, but the color is #124 - Jewel. Hope you get this!

Anonymous said...

Ah, to be honest it took me a while to think of checking back here, but that's just me being my usual clever self. xD Thank you so much for the helpful info!