Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mutual Corruption

You remember the scarf of bad timing? Well. We --one of my nearest-and-dearest and I -- had decided to give each other some space. There was drama and things weren't going well (even with the underlying love), we were taking a break.

You know how that goes.

The weekend before the decision was made I bought yarn to make him a scarf. I'd be all sneaky and send it as a surprise (which is easy when we live well over 700 miles away). Eight days later I finished it, and then upset, crying, and the break.

It was sent because when all is said and done he's still my friend and I still love him. When he received it he immediately wrote to me.

He gets knitting. He honestly understands what a hand-knit gift means, and we decided to talk more, to work things through together rather than give each other space.

We're still struggling, but damned if the scarf didn't help with the repairs.


I wrote that a while ago. Since then I've dragged him into a yarn store (the same one twice -- heh!), and he has been raving about the smell of his scarf (he sniffs yarn! Come on!). The yarn, she is capturing him. Are you ready?

He went into a yarn store. Without me. Because he saw a sign for it when he was driving.

Wait wait -- it gets better. He bought me a present.

He bought me yarn. He bought me cashmere yarn.

Good. Lord. I immediately stuffed it into my bra. It's a kit and comes with a pattern and (oh, the weakening of my knees!) three skeins. *sigh!*

But the name of this post is Mutual Corruption, so there's more.

Having some time to kill yesterday Blogless Kate and I went to Knit One, Smock Too. I was being all good, just looking at pattern books since I should probably think about finishing some more projects before I buy more yarn. But then we went to look at yarn, because I am only human, and a weak one at that when fiber is involved.

The store itself isn't terribly exciting (lots of nylon ribbon yarns), but they have some decent Rowan/Noro/Debbie Bliss. Right. We wandered. I laid my hand upon some yarn, and... and... I couldn't let go. I clutched. I squoze. I'm pretty sure there was a choir of angels.

I checked the content. Cashmere and silk. OH.

Yes, it was costly. Yes, it came home with me. Because, you see, now that I have cashmere in my stash I'm free to get more plush yarns. I've realized that the gift of cashmere was a gateway fiber.

Hee! Paying bills is for suckers anyway. Ahem.


grace said...

Dude. You are so screwed.

Scattered Gemini said...

Ya know, someone who gifts you yarn....might be a keeper?

Emily said...

Grace: Screwed with AWESOME!

(Yes, I know that sounds all kinds of dirty). (But fun!)

Suz: Yarn givers are damn good friends to keep around!

Heather said...

I agree with scattered!!

The closest I've gotten to your story is the ex Man Friend who willingly (or let's say there wasn't yelling or a physical struggle) followed me into several yarn stores in different countries.

I still want the handknit socks back.

Janice in GA said...

There's just something so RIGHT about a guy who sniffs yarn. And to buy you cashmere... wow...

Gateway fiber, indeed.

Ashley said...

MMmm...cashmere! And sniffing yarn? A Boy Who Sniffs Yarn. Sounds like a title of a very good romance novel geared toward knitters!

Stick said...

Do you think if I told your guy I needed some space he might be me cashmere too? I'm just sayin'