Monday, November 24, 2008

Things I done did

A few weeks ago I learned a friend of mine was pregnant. Real pregnant. Due in a week and a half. I panicked. Baby coming?! Must! Knit! Hat! They didn't know the sex, so I had to find some gender-neutral superwash wool in my stash, stat! Couldn't find any! AUGH! Finally I settled on some green and white fingering weight that I'd whip into some kind of hat-with-fair-isle-sheep.

...but then three days later I saw on her facebook page that Miss Sadie had already arrived! I snagged some pink sport-weight wool (I know, I know, cliché color, but whatever, pink is nice) and the Spritely Hat pattern and four days later I had this:


The pattern is for a child's size, but with the sport-weight wool and size 3 needles it'd be close enough.

The sticks: size 3 circs
The string: Lana Grossa Cool Wool 2000.

The little leaves on the top are outrageously cute.

And remember this?


It became this:


Which I want to be enough for a scarf, but really probably isn't. Alas. Maybe paired with some black wool? Hmmmm... Ooh! No! Dark gray! Yes.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Did I have fun at SAFF?

SAFF 2008

Why yes. Yes I did have fun at SAFF. It was full of Hotties.