Sunday, February 17, 2008

Oh yes

I like this spinning thing.


I bought this batt at SAFF in 2006.


I think it's BFL, and about 4 oz. I lost the tag for it, so I have no idea, really.


I also don't have the foggiest idea about yardage. My mom offered to buy me a niddy noddy when we went antiquing the other weekend, but I declined until I get more into spinning. In retrospect this was a poor move.


...I have 6oz of new roving on the way...


Janice in GA said...

Looking good! You can make an inexpensive niddy noddy out of pvc pipe, btw. Two t-pieces, 1 longer center section (18" if you want a 2 yard skein), 4 short pieces to stick in the other ends of the t-pieces.

I have a couple of heavy-duty wood ones I've had forever. I love my niddy noddies, but I'm one of nature's natural counters. (I always count wraps to get yardage.)

grace said...

Yeah, what Janice said about making one out of PVC pipe. I have one and it is awesome. Also, I love your yarn! Which vendor did you buy the roving from? Do you remember?

Anonymous said...

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