Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I suppose there's always shoelaces...

I am what you might call a cheap bastard. Not always -- when I buy things I tend to go for quality -- but if I have something that works then I won't replace it for nothin'. Unless someone else is willing to pay for it, and then I just feel guilty for being wasteful.

ANYWAY, this is why, for many years, I did not buy a ball winder. I used toilet paper tubes, and later my trusty nostepinde for winding. Also I didn't like the way ball winder balls looked.

A few days ago I was grumblingly winding another freaking ball of Lorna's Laces, wondering why they have to have so many stupid yards, and was reminded of some pestering gentle encouragement I'd received (coughGracecough) and broke down and bought myself a ball winder from KnitPicks. Actually I tried to get one from the local Michaels, but they're too suck-tastic to have anything I need ever. (Seriously, they have like 2 pairs of DPNs).

It's possible I re-wound every ball of yarn I have (there are some exceptions, like some souvenir yarn, and yarn I may sell). But OOH it's all so NEAT! ORGANIZED! CLEAN-LOOKING!

Pre-ball winding:

Partial stash, pre-ball winder

Post-ball winding (plus some reorganization):

Partial stash, post-ball winder

(If you click on the picture you can see what all those yarns are).

I am addicted to the tidiness. Mmm.

So, um, does anyone else's ball winder create a terrifying amount of static? Because I'm pretty sure I could light up a house with the static I get from that thing. Look what it did to my Kid Silk Haze:

Ball winder static!

Also, I knit a sock, but got hit with some serious startitis and have ditched the second sock for something else. Stay tuned!


Kate Schmidt said...

Dude, I am totally going to go wind all the Kidsilk Haze I own. That is so awesome!

grace said...

Huhh....Maybe try rubbing it down with a dryer sheet? But the kid silk haze haze is cool! It reminds me of those globe things that when you touched the "lightening" followed your hands around.

elizabeth said...

I've only ever gotten static from winding acrylic yarn - never wool or silk. Yay for a new tool!

Alex said...

Wow, I'm so impressed! Maybe your before and after photos are just what I need to break down and get a ball winder myself. Right now I have NO SPACE in my small house, but we're moving in August, so maybe then....