Thursday, May 15, 2008


Some of y'all may have seen Grace's post today about how we met, and I'd just like to clarify a few things.

It's true, we met at SAFF two years ago, but she says "I grabbed her sleeve and babbled excitedly and mostly incoherently about her sweater while she was very gracious about being attacked by a crazy person."

This, y'all, is not entirely true. What really happened is that she said something to me about my sweater, and then I strategically glued myself to her side. I was on my third-or-so lap around the building, and hadn't talked to anybody and was beside myself with joy that I'd met someone. Plus she looked pretty cool, iffin' I say so myself.

So I hung around awkwardly while she and Elizabeth tried out wheels. Grace hipped me to the blogger meetup, and whispered excitedly that La of Jen and- were there, and I played excited even though I didn't actually know who that was. And then there was exchangery of emails, and now we're totally IBFFs (Internets BFFs).

And she is hella cool. I mean honestly. And not just because she graciously lets me inundate her with often-random knitting-and-spinning questions. She's also hilarious and a FABulous step-ma to a singularly awesome young man.

Plus she sends me cool gifts. Look!

Gift box!

Clockwise from left - her own handspun! 190 yards of smooshy colonial wool! Mmmm!; Merci chocolates, half of which are, heh, now gone. I mean, they're so SMALL, it's okay to have five or six in a sitting. At 10am.; more chocolate, which is getting saved for when the Merci chocolates are gone, because sometimes I have self control; and some superwash merino in "Emily" colorway! I admit to you in confidence here that I geeked out just a little bit when I saw it was in the "Emily" colorway.

Grace wins.

And to cap off this post, gratuitous nephew shot!


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grace said...

It is the Emily colorway, because those were the colors that came to mind when I thought of you. It made perfect sense to me. :D And those Merci chocolates are the best! and you are totally right. You can eat a bunch at once and not feel guilty because they are so small.