Monday, December 15, 2008

What's better than mittens?

Tiny mittens!


Miss Nala doesn't think they're so cute, but I do.


And I made a hat! It's based on the Side Slip Cloche from the book Boutique Knits. I don't have the money for the book so I just deconstructed it.


I used Sirdar's Sublime aran-weight yarn. It's pretty delicious. I just need a brooch to close up the side. That white thing in the picture is a twist-tie. Because I'm super classy. But! This'll be for my mom for xmas. I hope she'll wear it. I need to do a lining, though, and am not sure yet how to go about doing that. Bah. But yay! I cast on for another one almost immediately.


grace said...

My head is exploding from the cuteness of the tiny mittens!!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice cloche!