Monday, July 02, 2007

Lazy bum

Updating shmupdating.

It looks like I'm going to be teaching some people at work how to knit. Can y'all recommend a good beginner pattern? A garter scarf is standard but it's not exactly instant gratification.

I was thinking a hat, maybe tychus (god I love that pattern) or a basic roll-brim (though that wouldn't teach binding off)...


In the meantime, I'm finally calling that danged sweater finished (though I'm not sure I'm thrilled with the neckline). Am going out today to get needles for my next project (have spent all weekend swatching -- erg).

And since a blog isn't a blog without pictures:


Janice in GA said...

Ok, here's my standard comment whenever I see a mountain lion:

Is it tantamount to a catamount, or paramount to a catamount?

(Thanks, Ogden Nash, for giving me this earworm that has lasted for, oh, 25 years, I guess.)

amber said...

I recently taught someone how to knit on the Clapotis. It was her first project ever and by the end she knew how to increase, decrease, YO, knit, purl and even to read a pattern! If you reduce the number of repeats- it can go even faster.

Stick said...

here kitty kitty

Stick said...

OH. I'll see if I'm allowed to share the pattern, there's a GREAT little purse that Nell my crackpusher created for a beginner's class. You start with garter, you learn to pick up, you learn to knit in the round and decrease and increas! It's an all in one thing and SUPER EASY!

Anonymous said...

blogger sucks.

teach them to knit using a felted potholder pattern.

that is all.