Saturday, August 09, 2008

Knitting Olympics

In which I attempt to use the word "olympics" as much as possible.

Something about job hunting and having so much free time makes blogging seem rather unappealing. I have been knitting -- I have a sock done and its mate on the needles, but it's been put away because it's Knitlympics time!

I haven't done the Knitting Olympics before, but I have the Print O' The Wave stole for Paige's wedding, and since I'm not feeling the lace love I needed encouragement. Plus, two weeks ago I decided that if I designated it as "Olympic knitting" then I could work on something else until then.

And so here it is, and I've started working on the shawl, and ugghhhhh. Maybe the magic will come when I block it, but for now it's not my favorite thing ever.


As it's not a new project I'm in the WIPs Wrestling group, (also known as endurance trials). I have a second project in case I finish the shawl early. It's another project I need an outside deadline for. Have a gander:


Bernat "Ready To Play." Not my usual style, eh? Much too big for my nephew. Kitchy. Sigh. See, when I was young my next door neighbors were my second family. My brother and I were always over there being fed amazing food and playing with the kids. Maria makes the best pizza you have ever eaten.

Last time I was in Philly my dad and I went to visit, and Maria showed me the romper. It was started and mostly accomplished by a friend of hers who was very sick, who then gave it to Maria to finish it. Maria thought it beyond her abilities, and so gave it to me to finish. If I wanted to. It'd mean a lot to her friend to know it was finished. I promised to give it a shot, even though it's so many things I don't like in a project (acrylic, neon, colorwork knit flat). It means a lot to her, and she means a lot to me, so it's project 2.

Well. I'm starting to see a real problem with having the Knitting Olympics during the actual Olympics, because -- and this is especially true during the opening ceremonies -- all I want to do is watch the olympics. I mean really. Did you see those drummers? I'm supposed to pay attention to lace while that's on? HAH!

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grace said...

I know! We recorded the opening ceremony and I keep watching it over and over. Also, I want a green light up suit!