Saturday, April 07, 2007


I was flipping through Domiknitrix's book, and it's cleverly set up and funky-style etc. etc, but there's only one pattern I like (the halter vest). And the book is $20.

Do y'all find yourselves in situations like that? I don't want to fleece the designer, but $20 for a pattern is steep. Ideas? I have a feeling that the library won't have it, and I don't know anyone (offhand) who does.


grace said...

I've not bought several knitting books because of that very same reason.

yarnmule said...

You know, that's especially tricky with her patterns, because they're pretty unique. It's not like you can check out the latest Dale offerings and find something similar!

If you're up for it, why not try creating something similar yourself? I've done that a couple times. It never turns out exactly like I thought, but I learned more from making my own than I would have knitting 10 commercial patterns. And while not my BEST work, they're actually wearable!

After all, it's the process, not the product, right?!

Emily said...

Yarnmule - the problem with recreating it (or something similar) is these sweet little details she has in the pattern. Right now I need patterns that are cut and dry (though that didn't work last time I tried it -- stupid arch-shaped socks).

Scattered Gemini said...

Hi Emily~

Thanks for clicking over and leaving your thoughts about the Imus thing. I'd have emailed instead of hogging your comments section, but i couldn't find an email addy for you.

You had some smart comments that i had not really thought about...use of language in content and relative to time period is what's sticking with me right now. That's a great point.

You'd think that having taken some literature classes with the themes of: "Slave Narratives and their Legacy" or "Negotiating Identity" would have taken me back and consider those issues.

Some days the mind is a long lost friend. ;)

yarnmule said...

How about Destash then? I've seen it there a couple of times, so if you keep checking you may find it. Hard to say what kind of a discount you may get, but worth a shot.

jinny said...
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jinny said...

What I wrote before made no sense. :/

If your library doesn't have the book, see if your library has affiliates that do or if your library can borrow it from another library (InterLibrary loan).

Also some stores let you hang out and study (Borders, Barnes & Nobles, etc.), perhaps you can check out a copy in person. Mailing lists are also great ways to get coupons (generic % off coupons come a couple times a month--I like to hold out for 30% off ones)

jinny said...

I've remembered something. My library's website (and in person) has a place where you can suggest purchases (they just got a bunch of new knitting books, including Domiknitrix--I wanted to take 10 books home, but I know I wouldn't finish everything I wanted if I did). See if your librarians are open to suggestions. :)