Thursday, January 11, 2007


I have two skeins of Nature Cotton that I got as a dyeing experiment before realizing that I didn't feel like doing all that was necessary to dye cotton (seems that wool is much easier). So what to do with the cotton? I couldn't think of (or find) any good patterns, it wasn't enough for a tank top or similar, so it just sat. And sat.

Then I was skimming Knittin' Notes' entry for today in which she mentions a kerchief.

It -- I -- YES! Yes of course! Of course!

See, I get allergies in the spring. No namby-pamby sniffles here, this stuff is wicked. I was at a party last spring and a friend thought I was drunk because I was so wrecked with snurgling and space-y-ness. Seriously.

I always go through a ton of tissues (my freshman year of college I tied a box of tissues to my belt because I needed so many so often), and every year I think that I should get some decent handkerchiefs so I don't ruin my nose (as much) on paper tissues (even the ones with lotion grate on my poor shnoz after a while). And every year I forget.

BUT! This year I will knit handkerchiefs! The yarn is soft! Hopefully absorbent! It will be oh-so-useful!

I am excited.

(Does anyone have any reason why this wouldn't work? I figure it'd be good to know that now...)


lorinda said...

I'd love to know how your experiment turns out. I'm a big-time allergy girl too.

Emily said...

Will definitely report back!