Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Full of knit

I finished the socks! They lost a lot of their sheen when I washed them, though. Picot edging, sock was over my usual 80 sts, slip stitch heel.

Claudia Handpaint in Just Plum. 100% Merino. Size 1 needles (I think...).

Neck warmer that needs buttons (inspired, of course, by Brooklyn Tweed).

One skein Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky in polar, size 13 needles, though I probably could've gone up a size or two.

Potential Handkerchief:

Less than half a skein of KFI Patagonia Nature Cotton, fisherman's rib, size 5 needles.

AND! The socks!

Delicious... The purple is actually a bit deeper than that, but whatever whatever.

If I keep this up I'm going to have to renounce my title of "slowest knitter."


Janice in GA said...

Oh, good work. I started on those socks, made an error in the color knitting, and haven't yet finished tinking back to fix it. Can't wait to see how yours turn out!

Emily said...

Oh, the socks! Oh, the pattern! That's an entry unto itself...


grace said...

Wow. I'm impressed with all the knitting! The socks look really lovely.

Heather said...

That pinky reddish purply is just divine.

The colorwork socks look great!

We need modeled photos of the other two.

Amy said...

Such pretty colors! I can't wait to see modeled pics of everything (hint, hint)!