Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Okay. So I bought some luscious like whoa silk/merino fingering weight yarn in red and black (and pink and gray). I bought it with socks in mind, but I've been thinking, and Amy agrees, it's just too nice for socks!

So I put it to y'all: What do I do with 665 yards(ish) of fancy pants fingering weight yarn given that:

1. I don't really wear hats (I have short hair -- hats make me look bald)
2. I already have the same yarn (different color) set for a scarf
3. I don't wear shawls
4. Or vests
5. Or anything with more than one color, so much

Sooooooo... recommendations?

The yarn in question:


KnittenKnots said...

More scandinavian mittens! Can you ever really have too many? Actually this is a tough one. Would you wear any of those cute gauntlet type things?

jenifleur said...

Child sized sweater? I dunno, I've got 960 yds and I can't decide what to do with it for many of the same reasons. I'm over scarves and shawls and hats.

grace said...

How about a picture of the yarn? I'm a visual person. I'll need to see this yarn and virtual-fondle it before I can give you a suggestion. :-)

flwrhead said...

I wear mostly solids too, yet I'm drawn to multi-color yarn. Why is that? You could make a wrap/blankie for couch? Cozy on Knitty comes to mind - it's somewhat lacy so it'd keep your interest.

grace said...

What about a small bag?

Heather said...

You could use it for part of a sweater. Make the body from this yarn and add solid sleeves, or vice versa. Or make wide stripes with black (or gray?) for contrast.

I think it could be quite striking if offset by a nice bold solid.