Monday, November 06, 2006

Silver lining

I was running through the mitten-top decreases, and... it just didn't look right. But far be it from me to stop when things look wrong. Surely blocking will fix it! Maybe if I keep going it'll be okay!

And I was so close to finishing... [one mitten]... [except for the thumb]...

And it sucked. So frog-tacular!

Just the top, though. And the silver lining? I'm getting really good at picking up stitches and ripping back to them.

One step forward,

a third of a step back.


jenifleur said...

Clearly, it's going to be worth it as the mitten is truly beautiful.

Emily said...

*blush* Thanks!

Heather said...

Just fabulous! My friend is knitting mittens in these colors but a different graphic. This one is striking!