Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cat! Hat!

This pattern is addictive. And finished!

If I had thumbs I would cut you

(Sorry about the crap-tacular picture -- I took it with my phone).

Final successful cast on: ...?

Finished weaving in the ends: May 11.

The originator: Tychus from Knitty.

The string: Laines Du Nord Guinco (remaindered from the damn socks) in purple and black.

The sticks: Size 2 addi turbos.

Pattern shmattern: Cast on 45 with a provisional cast-on, did an extra row in the middle. Single-stranded the yarn.

The model: Blogless Andrea's kitteh, Phoenix. We call him Finny-finny.


Stick said...

oh no you didn't!

Nik said...

If i could get my dog to sit still long enough, I'd torture him by making him wear my handknits.