Thursday, May 17, 2007


I have this yarn. I don't remember what kind it is. Name, manufacturer, content -- nada. I got it in Scotland, I know. Or... I guess? Isn't this a fun game? ANYhoo, SteveAndDeb are pregnant, and I'm feelin' all knitty! (Oh, my ovaries, how they want the babies! No, ovaries!)

All I know is that I made a sock out of it a while ago. Of course, it's the pair of socks that I knit with two different yarns (yes I did), and I'm not sure which sock was which yarn, and so I don't know how it'll act with wear. (It might be the slightly felted one, or the one that's not at all).

And what do you do with a free evening and an unidentified yarn?

Burn test! Care to join me?

I got a cookie sheet to burn it on, a lighter, water for dousing, and a pair of pliers to hold the yarn during the burning. Ready?

The set up (I forgot to set the auto timer and just ended up taking a picture of my arm):

Lighting it up:

Oh hey! There was a flash! And the camera fell over!

Taking the flame away (if it's all wool it should stop burning):

Mm, still going:

...and smelling kind of funny:

Aaaand time to blow it out:


And the final result?

The melty ends suggest some synthetic content, but it was slow enough burning that I'm guessing it's not much. And it smelled funny. A potentially non-natural kind of funny, but...? I dunno. Either way, the only thing I really need to know is if it's machine washable, and I'll test that at some point.

So why the burn test? Because it was fun.

ETA: It might be Rowan 4-ply soft, which would make it 100% superwash merino. Entirely plausible except that the fire doesn't go out when the flame is taken away. Have I been lied to??


Stick said...

HELLO!??! Are any of Emily's friends here? If you live near her, please don't let her have any free evenings again. Thanks.

And anyhow, who the hell was photographing this?


Emily said...

My camera has a self-timer feature that you can set to take up to 10 pictures in a row. So my camera was photographing it. :)

Scattered Gemini said...

I hope you didn't set the smoke detector off.

Boy, that did look fun! Hmm.

grace said...

So now you're a fire knitter box, huh? Or is it knitter fire box? I can't tell.

Tanya said...

I think this is a perfectly okay way to use an evening, it is in all in the interest of science for goodness sake! It does look a little too melty for wool but then as I thought this I realised I have no idea how superwash wool reacts. What a great thing to do with the kids this afternoon, we can burn yarn- yay! So what next? Don't give up here, I must see this mystery solved! Maybe you should burn some other yarn in your stash to see if it is similiar in reaction. Do you have some Rowan 4ply kicking around?