Monday, May 07, 2007

Some kind of title

So that news I had is on hold for a while. Which... erg.

I was browsing youtube for fast knitting techniques, because... right? Where else would you look? Also because that is how I roll, which is, I've decided, about the kicken-est phrase ever. I tried the Portugese knitting video, and y'all, I think I'm addicted. The yarn goes around your neck. I mean... knitting is amazing.

Anyway! What's funner than watching a stockinette tube grow? NOTHING!

I still can't get the color right. Dang.

The edge keeps rolling. It will be blocked out. I have Decided it. It will block flat. Yes it will. I am not in denial at all.

And here's a behbeh hat for the future. Not for me. No bebehs for me, thx*. Knitty's tychus with a provisional cast-on and 45 stitches in yarn remaindered from the damned arch-shaped socks. I really hope I have enough left.

Back to the sweater!

*Though the weekend-before-last I got to hold a 7-month old who was all keen on chewing on my fingers, and OH GOD, my ovaries... they ached...


Scattered Gemini said...

Aha! You're in that bloack hole of St St too!

I swear to you in knit about 30 rounds on Deb's vest and it's still 8 inches. I need 16 before the arm holes doggon it!

Argh! Shoot me now?

grace said...

Dude, blocking is M-A-G-I-C. It will totally lay flat.

Cute hat!!

Heather said...

Red is for some reason very difficult to photograph - I have lots of probs in that department as well.

Blocking will cure all rolling evils.

Janice in GA said...

Have you seen the video of how the Yarn Harlot knits? "Irish Cottage Knitting", she calls it: