Monday, September 18, 2006

As I am (eternally) in need of clothes, I took one of my rare trips to the mall yesterday. And you know what are in? Bulky knits. And knits in general. (Okay, I know most everything is knit and therefore is always "in" in some manner or another, but I mean things that could, potentially, be hand-knit).

While I'm totally excited that fashion is turning towards knitterly things, it's also, um, kind of painful.

See, it hurts to think about buying something that I could knit myself. And also that all the knits are acrylic. Ick.


I could make this. I could make it not in acrylic. I could make it for a mere five six times the price. How could I, a knitter, an artist, buy something I could make?

I can't!

The thing is, though? I won't. I wouldn't make it. It doesn't Speak to me (see #4). I like it (wait -- since when do I like cardigans?), but it's not $120 and three months' work worth of like. It is, however, $20 and a reluctant concession of acrylic worth of like.

So I bought it.

But I feel ashamed! Like I need to slink home and hide it in a dark corner of my closet so my other knits don't see it! Like I need to put a tag on it: Not Hand Made. Like I'm a bad knitter!

I'm not. I'm a sensible, impatient knitter. Ergo, the purchase. Still, though, shame!

And what about inspiring knitters, both old and new? I'm all for inspiring new knitters, but I feel like the price of yarn and the allure of a $20 bulky knit sweater might scare them away from the agony and ecstacy of a asymmetrical first sweater filled with flaws of every variety. I guess it's all plausible. The ones who love it will stick with it.

#20. Knits in vogue are a mixed blessing.

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