Sunday, September 24, 2006

Not much progress to report. Tuesdays = nearly zero knitting since I leave the house about an hour after waking up and then get home ten minutes before I go to bed.

And yesterday I had to pack for Feet Retreat this weekend! Heep! Excitement! Three hours and fifteen minutes until departure! I brought the "halloween" sock and my purple sock that actually doesn't fit very well, but who knows how much time I'll have for knitting.

I had the "halloween" sock with me at Ihop on Tuesday night and hauled it out to show Kate, Andrea, and Tristan. Kate agreed that it is, indeed, ugly. Well, at least it's almost done.

It's good to have confirmation.

In other news, I am loving how many contests knitting blogs have. Seems like there's one a week. I never win, but I still enjoy entering. The latest is on January One's blog:

How to win: WRITE A HAIKU. But not just any haiku. YOU MUST USE AT LEAST THREE OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS IN YOUR HAIKU: january, one, rock(s), jet, fall, sheep, wool, feet (or foot), knit, yarn, pirate, fest, dude, fantastic, worm (that is WORM. With an O. My 5.5 yr old nephew gave me that one.) AND EVERY HAIKU MUST USE THE WORD SOCK. (So that means FOUR REQUIRED WORDS.)


Some pirate gift thoughts:
One sock for foot, wool cozies
for peg leg and hook.

Which leads me to:

#23. When it comes to free yarn... well, let's just say I'm easy.

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