Thursday, September 07, 2006

Knitterly things I have learned:

1. While in Colorado I learned that I can knit a whole pair of ankle socks in a week, so long as I have two 5-hour car rides in there, and evenings free.

2. Also in Colorado I learned that variegated yarn looks way better in a skein than in 1. a ball, and 2. sock form.

3. And that I get a serious kind of pissed when a car full of five people with various degrees don't realize that a yarn store will probably not be open at 8:30am on a Saturday. Seriously, what was all that education for if we can't figure something like that out?

4. If I don't love it hard core it will never be finished.

5. I have too damn many hobbies. I have fierce envy of people who can knit sweaters in two months, plus a pair or two of socks in there and maybe a scarf, plus a preemie hat to donate. I could maybe do that, if I didn't go dancing four nights a week. Plus job. Plus teaching (dance, of course).

6. I really should be okay with that and stop trying to figure out how to knit under my desk while appearing to work, which I have definitely never tried. Ahem.

7. Excel is a godsend for planning patterns. Especially intarsia.

8. There is a wormhole in which I knit and knit and knit and always have new projects but never seem to have finished knit garments.

9. The more I knit for other people the more it will seem like I never actually have anything to show for all my work.

10. New projects are my achilles heel.

11. Also new yarn.

12. When knitting socks (or anything that requires a pair or more), it's a good idea to make sure you use the same yarn for both socks.

13. The Cast-On podcast is BRILLIANT and perfect while getting ready for work.

14. If there is more time for planning (see: boredom at work, also: driving in the car, and: running on the elliptical machine) than there is for knitting, then I will always have more ideas than finished projects.

15. It would probably be a good idea if I started writing these things down on something other than post-its.

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