Monday, September 18, 2006

I earned myself some craftster/knitterly karma this weekend. I'd written up the Rebecca Wrap with Sleeves not only for myself, but also for some craftsters that, I recalled, had some issues with the pattern as I did. Upon searching craftster I couldn't find the original thread. Indeed, no one had written about it in some time.

After some debate I posted it anyway, to the delight of two knitters. I felt all cool. I may not have cool designs, but dammit, I can decipher patterns like nobody's business.

Then one of those women asked me for some yarn substitution help, and I walked her through the magic of stitch/row ratio (I learned it from Stitch & Bitch Nation).

[your stitch gauge]/[pattern stitch gauge] = stitch ratio
[your row gauge]/[pattern row gauge] = row ratio

Multiply stitch ratio by all stitch numbers in pattern, ditto row ratio, rounding as needed.

Which brings me to an unrelated thing I've learned: When I've had a glass or two of wine and something good happens I giggle in a highly embarrassing way. Seriously. I sound like a little girl on helium.

#21. Knitterly karma is never a bad thing. Know that some knitter, somewhere, has helped you. Pay it back. Or forward! Sideways?

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