Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I have decided that the mittens can wait until I finish at least the body of sizzle (never mind that October's almost over and I need to figure out some kind of knitted project for dad)("Look! I got you a movie!"). How far am I?

This far:

Mistakes and concerns galore: will it be long enough? Is the v-neck going to be too deep? Is it too wide? It looks too wide. Do I really have to weave in all those ends? Stupid ends. Am I going to roast? Is it going to look like a vest and therefore look ridiculous on me?

#34. The problem with knitting a garment is that you can't try it on beforehand. You never know if you just spent a few weeks to a few months (or years) on something that, in the end, makes you look like you just cut some holes in a delightfully colorful potato sack and chose to wear it.

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